Permanent Jewellery is a Revolution - and it's about time!

With a quick, painless flash fuse of a micro laser, a solid gold chain is 'welded' to your wrist creating a lasting seal.

Because it's solid gold you'll never have to take it off!

Choose from a selection of solid 10 or 14 karat gold chain links and we'll customize the perfect fit for you. You can take up a notch and make it extra personal with our selection of solid gold and diamond dangles.


Looking to get Forever Fused?

Choose from our selection of solid 10 & 14k gold links and we’ll create the perfect fit for you! Due to the nature of this service, link selection may vary day to day - its best to have a few links selected in the event your choice is out of stock.

Add a pop of LOVE to your Stack

Get ready to spread the love! Our Valentine's Day-themed links are here to add a dash of charm to your stack. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a special someone, these links are the perfect way to show some love.

Limited Edition Silver Links

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to have permanent jewellery at your private event? Tell us more about it below and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.